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Should Company Employees Be Personally Responsible For Product Defects

Discussion Questions: The U.S. Justice Department may pursue individuals within a company arguing that the individuals who make decisions within a company should be held accountable.  Carefully read the article and list the main points. Make a list of product … Continue reading

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Total Cost of Ownership–Mercedes or Ford?

Discussion Questions: Total cost of ownership is an important but often overlooked Operations and Supply Chain Topic.  This article brings the topic down to a personal level.  Study the article and consider how this idea is applied to material purchase … Continue reading

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Factoryless Goods Producers–Should They Be Categorized As Manufacturers?

Discussion Questions: Read the article carefully.  What’s the difference between a manufacturing and service company? Well, what do you think?  Should a company that designs a product, potentially buys the materials, and sells the product, but does not actually make … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Plants in Europe Generate Own Electricity

Discussion Questions: The following article describes what may be a growing trend where companies are becoming self-sufficient in energy needs.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this? It may be that the cost advantages are dependent on government … Continue reading

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