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The Importance of Worker Productivity Improvement

Worker productivity is an important factor in understanding the economy in the United States (and for other economies). Worker productivity, as defined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is the output per hour for workers in nonfarm businesses. It … Continue reading

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Innovative E-commerce Software from ShippingEasy

by F. Robert Jacobs, Ph.D.Oct 18, 2018ShippingEasy is an innovative company that offers software for managing many common supply chain tasks. The software features logic that ties users into the best commercial shipping rates offered by the U.S. Postal Service, … Continue reading

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Tesla Appears to be Preparing to Build a Plant in China

According to a WSJ article published on Oct 17, 2018 (Tesla Advances in China, Buying Land for a Factory), Tesla has agreed to by a 210-acre site near Shanghai for $140 million. Tesla said it was “accelerating the construction of … Continue reading

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Tesla Financial Predictions Based on Learning Curve Analysis

by F. Robert Jacobs, PhD.   10/16/2018 Given the estimates from the learning curve analysis of the production capability of Tesla, it is interesting to predict what the financial implications might be. The following table has the financial data reported by … Continue reading

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Tesla Model 3 Learning Curve Analysis

by F. Robert Jacobs This study is a Learning Curve[i] analysis of Tesla Model 3 production using data provided by the company[ii]. Using Model 3 production data from 2017-Q3 through 2018-Q3, the Wright learning curve function was fitted. The squared … Continue reading

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Tesla–A different mix of employees compared to other car companies.

Elon Musk, the savvy CEO of Tesla Motor, has recently posted on Twitter his need for “hard-core software engineers” to work at his company.  His electric-car company is looking to add thousands of employees in coming years.  The company is … Continue reading

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The Top Dozen Supply Chain Innovations of All-Time

First Thoughts     By Dan Gilmore – Editor-in-Chief     April 23, 2015     The Top Dozen Supply Chain Innovations of All-Time I am very keen on the subject of supply chain innovation right now, for a variety of reasons. First, … Continue reading

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