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Google Glass – The Launch of a New Product

Discussion Questions: This post has two articles that describe the launch of the new “Google Glass” product.  Read the articles carefully and describe what Google has done so far to develop this product and understand the market for it. The … Continue reading

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Analyzing a Company Using Data From Space

Discussion Questions Carefully read the following short article about how satellite images can be used to analyze a company, even without the company’s permission or cooperation. The article mentions counting cars in parking lots to estimate sales at companies such … Continue reading

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UPS Christmas Delivery Problems

Discussion Questions: What was the root cause of the delays in delivering packages during the 2013 Christmas season? How could UPS prevent this from happening in 2014?  When formulating your answer evaluate the economic impact on the profitability of UPS … Continue reading

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No More Inventory??? Read this carefully, integration is the key.

Forward Thinking The end of inventory? By Mark Solomon | March 26, 2013 Fewer goods are being stored in warehouses and distribution centers, and that doesn’t seem likely to change. Are we in permanent lean mode? Ever since the Great … Continue reading

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Should Forecasts Be Based on the Past? Maybe Not!

Should Forecasts Be Based on the Past? By: SupplyChainBrainMarch 05, 2013 Analyst Insight: CFOs today have a keen sense of the cost of volatility and uncertainty in terms of the link between cash/margins and the supply chain, yet they are … Continue reading

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