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Should Company Employees Be Personally Responsible For Product Defects

Discussion Questions: The U.S. Justice Department may pursue individuals within a company arguing that the individuals who make decisions within a company should be held accountable.  Carefully read the article and list the main points. Make a list of product … Continue reading

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Unions in the United States

Discussion Questions Read the following article about the attempt of the United Auto Workers union to organize a VW plant in Tennessee. Why did the workers reject the formation of the union at the plant? Do you think that what … Continue reading

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GM CEO has strong background in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Discussion Questions From the article, what can you learn about Mary Barra’s background as it relates to Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM? How does an understanding in OSCM help the CEO of GM? Are there other major companies that … Continue reading

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How Boeing accounting works!

Boeing’s Key Mission: Cut Dreamliner Cost Discussion Questions: From the information given in the article, describe how Boeing’s “Program Accounting” works?  Compare this to the “Unit Cost Accounting” approach? What are the major assumptions of the “Program Accounting” approach? What … Continue reading

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Getting a job at Amazon is not easy!

Amazon’s Current Employees Raise the Bar for New Hires Scores of Workers are Deputized to Vet Job Candidates, Ensure Cultural Fit Discussion Questions: Describe Amazon’s process for hiring new employees. What is the key long-term goal of the process? How … Continue reading

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Pilot Rest Time Requirements Impact Airline Scheduling

Discussion Questions: What are the changes being imposed by the FAA on the scheduling of airline pilots?  Do you think these changes are needed? What will be the impact on airline financial performance measures such as: System Operating Profit/Loss per … Continue reading

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Tablet Computers Replace Workers in a Small Business!

WSJ – Updated March 27, 2013, 7:06 p.m. ET Can the Tablet Please Take Your Order Now? As Wages Rise, Employers Consider Replacing Workers With Technology; Burger-Flipping Robot May Be on Horizon By SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN and ANGUS LOTEN Carla … Continue reading

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