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Analyzing a Company Using Data From Space

Discussion Questions Carefully read the following short article about how satellite images can be used to analyze a company, even without the company’s permission or cooperation. The article mentions counting cars in parking lots to estimate sales at companies such … Continue reading

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Unions in the United States

Discussion Questions Read the following article about the attempt of the United Auto Workers union to organize a VW plant in Tennessee. Why did the workers reject the formation of the union at the plant? Do you think that what … Continue reading

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The Leveraging Impact of Lower Energy Cost

Discussion Questions Recalling your study of Economics, define what the “leveraging” effect is?  In your definition go beyond the idea of using a small amount of money to borrow a large amount.  Think about it relative to building a new … Continue reading

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Apple Targets “Conflict Materials” Suppliers

Discussion Questions The goal of being “conflict-free” relates to compliance with the ethical sourcing of materials used in a company’s products.  Read the following article to learn how this relates to Apple Computer products. Note that in many cases the … Continue reading

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Toyota Recalls Another 1.9 Million Vehicles

Discussion Questions: Carefully read the following an article that describes this new Toyota recall of all the Prius vehicles built since 2009.  Note that this is just another recall and there is a long history of major recalls from Toyota … Continue reading

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